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You have found your way to Yours-Completely.Org, my very own fanfiction domain for everyone craving to read about the five talented (and *ahem* hella fine) men of the Backstreet Boys. Here you'll find anything that suits you - right from beautiful romance to dramatic action. If you're looking to get your stories hosted, don't hesitate to submit to me as well. :) If you want to contact me, you can do so here.

February 25th 2009

I suck I suck I SUCK. I am the hugest schmuck in the world. I am a lazy bum! I can't believe I've let this site sit for two years. On the other hand, I am beyond amazed that some of you are still out there asking me to update. That's incredible, so thank you so much and I apologize! Hopefully that won't happen again.

So! This will be a whopper of an update! I've put together a new layout. It still has a few kinks (the navigation menu, for one, which will open up in a new window for now. I will get it fixed!) I need to go through this site carefully and edit a bunch of stuff, but for now I just put up all the new stories. Of which there are MANY. Let me list them:

The Beginning, Sir (And Not A Minute Sooner) (AJ/Nick)
You With The Sad Eyes (AJ/Brian)
Someday We'll Stop Confessing (Kevin/Nick)
Everything In Between (The Burned Mix) (Kevin/Nick, NC-17, DON'T CLICK if you're underage!)
I Only Go With You (Brian/Howie/Nick)
That One Time Kevin And Brian Ate Pizza In The Bathroom And Heard AJ Having Sex (light AJ/Brian)
Scribble Scruples (Justin/Nick)
First Time For Everything (Howie/Nick)
Up The Ante (AJ/Brian)
Interlude (AJ/Howie)
Nail-Biter (AJ/Nick)
Not Yet (Brian/Nick)

Also, I know there was a question a while ago about whether I would be writing anything other than slash again. And, I mean, never say never of course, but right now I'm not counting on it. None of the old stories will ever be taken down though. I hope there's something in this update you'll enjoy! And I'm sorry about the long wait, hopefully I'll do better next time.

Mette | 10:36PM | |

January 11th 2007

Happy New Year! I finally get this thing updated. Four new stories - Deep Greens And Blues (which also includes a fic commentary), Look For the Angles, Don't and Good Morning.

I also added a little comment box to each story. I'm tired of the email forms not working, so I figured this might be the better solution. Easy for you guys as well, I hope! :)

Mette | 9:31PM | |

August 6th 2006

Holy crap. I'm finally back in business. I really have no excuses for taking as long as I did. Real life got complicated and then, of course, Livejournal ate my brain. :) But I'm back and I should be updating regularly again!

Okay, updates. Well, there's a new layout, of course. This one should be easier to navigate than the last one. Then there's tons of new stuff in the fiction category. Pretty much all slash (which has its own page now), but also a new Nick fic in the short story section. Besides that, all the stories now have a new layout. One that's much simpler, but also much easier for reading. I don't think the hosted stories have gotten that treatment yet, but I'll get to them soon.

The whole site's been cleaned up. I hope I've gotten everything. But please, feel free to look around! Man, it's good to finally have this back. :D

Mette | 5:29PM | |

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