We're A Couple Now?


How does a one night stand turn into a full-fledged relationship? Simple. Add 3 friends who love playing matchmakers, and two guys who just don't know how to say no. How does one go from friendship to lust, and finally, to love? Can it even be done? Only time (and a little help from three very eager Backstreet Boys) will tell.


This story is rated NC-17 for containing coarse language and explicit sex scenes. If any of this offends you, I'll suggest you run along.

work in progress

Chapter 01 - Wake Up Call
Chapter 02 - Baby Got Back
Chapter 03 - Feeding Time
Chapter 04 - Backseat Cuddling
Chapter 05 - Love to Love You
Chapter 06 - Just A Touch From You
Chapter 07 - Techni Lullaby
Chapter 08 - Giv'es A Smootch
Chapter 09 - From Bad to Worse
Chapter 10 - Deal
Chapter 11 - Friendly Embrace
Chapter 12 - Slight Change of Plans
Chapter 13 - So Good
Chapter 14 - Feathery Strokes
Chapter 15 - Just Teasing
Chapter 16 - Something Else
Chapter 17 - Better Closer
Chapter 18 - Who Needs Sleep Anyway?
Chapter 19 - Happy Campers
Chapter 20 - Plural Classification
Chapter 21 - Only Trying to Help
Chapter 22 - I'll Take Care of You
Chapter 23 - Unspoken Questions

© Mette M. & Emma E. 2003-2004. This story is purely fiction, meaning not true. If any actions in the story are similar to real life experiences, they are pure coincidence. All persons, excluding the Backstreet Boys and occasional real-life based characters, are made up from the author's imagination. I, Mette, do not know the Backstreet Boys, their families and friends or their management.