Version: 1.0
 Title: Fire & Ice
 Displayed: 08/01/03 - 09/09/03
 Comments: I was really proud of the way it turned out. The mix of hot and cold sort of gave the layout a dark feeling, which also fitted with the picture of Nick. All in all good eye candy. ;)

 Version: 2.0
 Title: Cloud Number Nine
 Displayed: 09/09/03 - 09/30/03
 Comments: Surpringly this was a highly popular layout. At least it surprised me, considering how simple it is. The background is all cloud pictures blended together with different lightings. No brushes, no nothing. *LOL* I definitely haven't done that in a while. It was supposed to stay up longer, but then I made version 3 and I couldn't wait any longer to put that up. *LOL*

 Version: 3.0
 Title: A Broken Fairytale
 Displayed: 09/30/03 - 11/17/03
 Comments: I'm sorry, I know this is gonna sound so big-headed, but I really think this is my best creation yet. I love the dusty colors and the pictures. Isn't Liv gorgeous? *sigh* I'm so jealous. :P Anyways, I wanted sort of a story layout this time, only not with a story I've actually written. Sort of like a story in the layout itself. If that makes sense ... but hey, it turned out just as I had hoped for, which usually never happens when I make layouts. So yay!

 Version: 4.0
 Title: Weight of the World
 Displayed: 11/17/03 - 02/27/04
 Comments: My first (and probably last) table layout for this site. I'm more of a frames kinda gal. ;) I wanted to do this, one reason being that I've now been active in the fanfiction world for a year (well, longer than that, but it's a long story) and I wanted to celebrate, but mainly because of AJ's interview on Oprah on December 10th. That was an amazing day to any Backstreet fan, wasn't it?

 Version: 5.0
 Title: Keep Me Leveled
 Displayed: 02/27/04 - 05/20/04
 Comments: So, I guess you could call this a belated Valentine's layout. I'm not into the holiday at all and have never celebrated it (not a lot of people do over here in Denmark) so I decided to do something a little different. Rather than have a Brian/Leighanne or Kevin/Kristin layout for Valentine's, I did a group one. BURSTING with love! Take it as a simple group layout or as a slash one. I'm behind you either way. ;) *grins* I smile whenever I look at any of those pictures. There is so much love in that group - it's a beautiful thing.

 Version: 6.0
 Title: Serenity
 Displayed: 05/20/04 - 09/??/05
 Comments: This layout has most of the things I find beautiful and calming. I'm a nature lover, so that of course plays a big part in this layout. I wasn't even gonna have any Boys on the layout at first, but the SMTM screenshots just seemed to fit. I'm very fond of this layout, simply because it portrays so many of the things I treasure in life.

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