Master of Fate
I didn't even mean to start reading this story. Seriously. I was surfing around Stacy's site and happened to come across it. But let me tell you, I was hooked from the prologue till the very last word. There is never a dull moment, never a time when your heart is not pounding with anticipation, fright, sadness or joy. I was sucked into their world and lived through Nick's and Grace's incredible story right along with them. I never knew a love story could be told like this. Mind-blowing is simply the only word that will describe it.

 Somehow, Some Way
After finishing "Master of Fate", I knew I needed more. It was like coming down from one of the greatest highs I've ever had and I was desperate for more of Stacy's writing. So this story was next on my list. I think I can honestly say that I don't have the words to praise this story. Amazing? Hah! Doesn't even cover it. 'Mind-blowing' might come close. :) It's an incredible story of two people who has to fight their way back to a normal life after going through the most horrible nightmare ever. And along the way, they find love as well. Like I said, I don't have the words. I'm just begging you to go read it.

 The Ones You Love
I've never been much of a slash reader, at least not back then, but this ... this changed me. There's just no way to describe how this story made me feel. I wanted Brian and AJ to work out their differences so badly that I could barely breathe from the anticipation. I even caught tears trickling down my cheeks several times, not even noticing it until I felt something wet on my skin. In every word, every sentence, I felt my heart fluttering or tightening, all depending on the situation. AJ's and Nick's characters are so freaking amazing that it's hard to believe. :) This is the final installment in her series "Lucidity/Stupefied" and in my opinion, the best one of them all.

 Two Men, One Face
I'm a big fan of Vonnie's stories, and she knows it. :) But this one is my ultimate favorite! I have never read a story like this! I mean ... everything about it so original! And Vonnie's writing style is wonderful. She has such a great sense of humor, but can also display a scene so seriously I feel like crying. I do most of that when I read this story. Laugh and cry. Scream at the screen and bite nails in excitement. I always tell her to rush on this story. :) It is very much worth your reading time!

 Where Can We Go From Here?
Oh, don't tell me you haven't read, or at least heard of this one! It's famous all over the net, and after seeing it recommended on almost every site, I decided to see if it was worth all the praise it got. And...well, the praise it's getting is understated! I read this story in one go. I simply couldn't be yanked away from the screen! Whitney must be one of the greatest fanfiction writers ever! For once, a story without romance. :) But that was perfectly okay, 'cause the story was unlike anything I've ever read. I can definitely see why it's gotten so popular.

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