This page seems to constantly be changing. I used to have tons of family members and offline friends on here, but really, there's no point in that. So this page serves as a thank for the few online people who know me, yet still love me. ;) *ahem* in alphabetical order, of course. Can't choose between these guys.

          Dude, we haven't known each other for long, but I already love you to pieces! You're such a wonderful person and I really do hope we get to meet each other when I go to Paris next year. I never expected the first conversation I ever had with you to end with a new story (and my first slash at that) on my hands. ;) But quite honestly, it's turned into one of the most interesting stories I've written in a while - and one of the most fun to write. I know that most of the reason for that is because I'm writing it with you. :)

          Aww, honey, I just love you. I love talking to you. I love reading little tidbits of QPQ and watch you die laughing or go 'aww' because of something you wrote. I love how you help me with every little thing you possibly can. I love how you make me feel ten stories high even though I'm so obviously begging for a little flattery. I just love you. You're one amazing human being. Oh, and one last thing:



          You know me. If anyone ever knew me better than I know myself, it's you. Or it used to be. We'll get that back though, don't worry. :) At least we're back to talking. These past few months where we didn't talk were just weird. I need you to tell me things will be okay when he is being stupid or when I just wanna crawl into a corner and die. I know we can get on each other's nerves, but only true friends care enough about each other to fight, right? You're my rock. Simple as that.

LAURA (you need a nickname ;))
          3 years of friendship. That's something, huh? And the amazing thing is we still talk on a day-to-day basis. But hey, you're just great like that. :) You really amaze me sometimes, you know that? Your faith is so powerful it's almost scary sometimes. I admire you for that, though. You know what you believe in and you won't let anyone tell you any different.You take time out to talk to me, which I find unbelievable. What's so great about me? *LOL* but seriously, thank you. In more ways than one.

          No one inspires and motivates me like you do. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be talking to you so regularly - we talk about writing so much, we discuss, we help me each other and we always, always have fun. :) To be debating writing with you on a regular basis? A dream come true. You level me when the pressure gets too much - I don't know how you do it, but I'm just thrilled to have someone who can keep my head over water when I'm too overwhelmed by it all. :) Thank you so much for everything you do for me. I always break into the biggest grin when I find a new e-mail from you in my inbox.

          Argh, it's been so long! *LOL* where are you? College must take up a lot of your time, huh? It's cool though, I just miss you a lot. Whenever I get a new story idea, the first thing I wanna do is email you and rant about it. :) My constant support for almost three years and my wonderful, wonderful friend. If you hadn't been in my life, I don't think I'd still be writing. You encouraged me even when my writing was the most horrible thing you could ever read. My writings are dedicated to you. :)

          Girl, you are so amazing! Not only do you let me store part of this hugeass site on your server, you're also such a great friend. How could anyone not adore you? I always laugh so hard when I talk to you, you just know how to make me feel better. Even if I'm totally down, you'll still listen to me. Plus you introduced me to Brains. Now that's the ultimate gift! *giggles* nah, seriously, I'm so glad you and I are still friends, even after all this time. YOG forever, eh? ;)

          I know we don't talk as much as we used to, but girl, you still mean so much to me. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you. My day gets so much brighter whenever I get a little email or an IM from you. You know why? Because you listen. You always have. No matter how crappy and stupid my problems are, you listen and you help me. I love you so much for that. Once I get to Georgia, you're getting the biggest bear hug ever given. :)

For everyone else...

          You have just been amazing. Last year no one even knew my name in the fanfiction world, and now you're reading my stories and giving me the most wonderful feedback I could ever ask for. Your responses have made me cry, made me laugh and made me smile so much I was sure my lips would crack. I have been more than well-received by you. Thank you so much for that. I might not always answer to your emails right away, but I have read and appreciated every single word.

          Man, there's too much to say. It's so great to have you back, finally. 'Never Gone' is an amazing album. You have given me so much. Friends, emotional outlet, room to grow, just ... everything. These past five years of writing about you, listening to you sing, watching you on TV have been amazing. You've been an escape. A wonderful escape. I know I'm just another nameless fan who's saying the same things you've a thousand times already. But I'm another nameless fan saying 'thank you.' Thank you for your music. It has been an era beyond my wildest dreams.

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