This quiz is based on stats. Meaning there might be several answers to some of them, but the right answer is the one most used in fanfics.

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1. Who wrote the famous story, "Where Can We Go From Here"?

Tan & Liz

2. Which member is often described as funny and romantic?


3. Where is at least one character bound to end up?

In a hospital
On a picnic
In a forest
On a desert island

4. Where does Nick usually go to collect his thoughts?

A mall
A park
A beach
A friend's house

5. The female main character is often:

Strong, determined, goal-oriented
Shy, sweet, compassionate
Daring, exciting, friendly
Passionate, seductive, mysterious

6. Who always wins when there is a match between the female main character and a Backstreet Boy? (ie. video game, basketball, etc.)

The guy
The girl
They both lose
Someone interferes and wins instead

7. If the female main character hates the main BSB, that means...

They'll end up being friends
She will keep on hating him
She'll end up falling in love with him
She doesn't know what she feels

8. Which member is often described as naive and carefree?


9. It's inevitable that sometime during the story, the BSB will eat at:

Taco Bell
Burger King

10. The female main character usually ends up with:

No one
Her favorite BSB
Her best friend
Her high-school sweetheart

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