We all know that there are a couple of fanfiction clichées out there, right? For the boys, there are some pretty obvious ones ... but what about the girls? Take this test and find out which heroine cliché you best resemble.

1. What's your typical response when a male friend makes a lame joke?

Laugh heartily.
Giggle lightly and bat your eyelashes.
Roll your eyes and smirk.
Stare at him unamused.
Chuckle politely.
Punch him playfully.

2. What's your favorite sensation?

Your crush hugging you.
Every man's eyes on you.
The smell of a fresh rose.
A game ending in victory.
The sound of heavy metal on full volume.
The light from your laptop screen.

3. Which foundation would you most like to support?

Just Within Reach
Ocean Campaign
Healthy Heart Club
Lupus Foundation
Animal Rights

4. What kind of ending do you enjoy most in a fanfiction?

Something that makes you laugh.
Something where you don't know for sure what's gonna happen next.
Lots of action - maybe a few gunfights.
Something that makes you cry.
As long as the rest of the story was good, it doesn't matter.
A deeply romantic ending with at least one love declaration.

5. What's your favorite form of expression?


6. What's the one thing you'd wish people would stop labeling you as?

Someone who can't get lonely.
Someone who can't get insecure.
Someone who's completely naïve.
Someone without emotions.
Someone who doesn't need to be loved.
Someone who doesn't wanna belong.

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