Bottoms Up
Prompt #60: Drink


"I've never had sex in a car."

Howie grins lazily and downs his shot of tequila. Kevin and Brian pick up their shot glasses as well, AJ has crossed his arms, smirking, and Nick looks like he's two shots from passing out. They switched from beer to harder stuff two questions ago.

"We're being bad examples for the kid," Kevin points out and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. He holds his liquor better than Nick, who's still not used the fact that he's allowed to drink in Europe, but even the oldest is starting to look affected.

"Shut up," Nick slurs. He turns to Brian, struggling for a second to focus. "Have you really?" he asks.

Brian just grins.

"Nice." AJ whistles in appreciation. "Church Boy has a wild streak."

"C'mon now," Brian says, a little defensively. "I'm not the only one at this table who took that shot."

"Kevin's taken every single shot tonight," AJ replies reasonably. "And Howie's been to college, he's probably tried everything at least once. Kinky bastard."

"Hey," Howie says. Brian laughs at him.

"How can you be that drunk?" Kevin asks incredulously when he has to keep a hand firmly on Nick's chest to keep him from falling over. "What have you been doing with all these girls when I wasn't looking?"

Nick just flashes him a lazy, drunken grin that's completely uninhibited.

"Oh, that's just sick," Kevin says, disgusted, and lets Nick fall face-first onto the table. Nick makes a muffled sound that sounds mostly like "nnghrff" before he starts snoring.

Howie coughs to cover up his smirk. "Someone should get him back to his room."

"He can sleep it off in here." Kevin sighs and rolls his eyes. "Jane will have a fit if she sees him like this. I'll take him." Without much ceremony, he picks Nick up and carries him over to one of the beds in the cramped hotel room. He probably weighs less than what Kevin spots on a daily basis.

"All right," AJ announces and refills their shot glasses. "One down, four to go. Kev, get over here or we're drinking without you. I've never kissed a guy."

Howie sighs and picks up his glass. He downs his shot simultaneously with AJ, and Kevin joins them a few seconds later, picking his up as well.

"You haven't?" AJ asks in a high-pitched voice and looks at Brian's untouched glass.

"You have?" Howie asks AJ.

"What?" Brian looks confused. "No. Why are you surprised?"

"I don't know." AJ hesitates. "I just thought-"

"That's a first," Kevin pipes up and chuckles to himself.

AJ ignores him. "Kiss me then," he says suddenly.

Brian's eyes widen. "No," he says firmly. Howie can't help but laugh, because they all know AJ's just going to keep pestering him until he gives in. Apparently Brian knows that, too, because the glare he shoots Howie across the table is enough to make him cough again and settle down.

"Yes," AJ says, suddenly excited, getting into the idea. "Brian, no, listen to me. It'll blow your mind. It's nothing like kissing girls."

Brian shakes his head and laughs. "You're insane. You're drunk."

"I know. Kiss me."

"No, AJ."

"I'm good, I promise!" AJ stands up and makes his way to where Brian's sitting. Brian jumps out of his seat and starts backing away. The hotel room is too small for him to get anywhere and he ends up pressed against the wall next to the window.

"AJ, c'mon," Kevin says. "That's my cousin. Don't do that shit."

"So look away," AJ snaps, eyes fixed on Brian. He plants his hands on either side of Brian's head, traps him. "Kiss me."

"AJ," Brian says and he's still laughing, pushing AJ back half-heartedly, playfully. Howie's can't make himself stop watching.

"Kiss me," AJ says again, voice softer this time, and something shifts. Brian's smile fades a little and his eyes flicker over AJ's face, suddenly wary.

"What?" he asks quietly.

"You've never thought about it?" AJ returns just as quiet.

Brian blinks. "I..." he scratches his elbow nervously, "I don't know. I guess I have."

Howie and Kevin exchange a look.

"Please," AJ says, and it sounds sincere, like he's forgotten anyone else is in the room. "I want to. Let me."

"AJ," Brian repeats, and he looks nervous now.


"It's not gonna make a difference."

"It might."

"No, it won't," Brian counters, but when AJ moves closer he doesn't try to pull away. His eyes are still open when AJ presses their lips together, so briefly Howie almost misses it. The next kiss is a little longer, no less chaste except for the little breathy sound AJ makes. He pulls back slightly, locks eyes with Brian for a brief second, and then brushes his lips over Brian's left cheek. Soft, slow, deliberate movements, and Howie sees Brian close his eyes. Sees his hands clench into fists. AJ mouths along Brian's jawline, kisses the corner of his mouth tenderly, and it's so clear to anyone who's watching that their third kiss happens because Brian turns his head and gives AJ silent permission.

Kevin looks away. Howie feels like an intruder suddenly, but he still can't make himself stop watching.

This kiss is far less timid. Howie sees mouths opening slowly, and AJ lets out a tiny moan. He presses closer, just a little, and Howie follows the slow ascent of Brian's hand that first settles on AJ's hip, hesitantly, then edges up AJ's side, making his t-shirt move up a bit, and settles in the tiny hairs on AJ's neck, scratching them idly. One of AJ's hands moves from the wall and settles on Brian's cheek, and the kiss is still fairly relaxed despite the pleased little noises they've both started to make.

"I'm not that drunk," AJ whispers before kissing Brian again, "I've wanted to do that for ... Jesus, Brian..."

All movement stops when Nick lets out a loud snore from the other side of the room.

Brian blinks, looking mildly disoriented, and then seems to notice that he's about two seconds from wrapping his legs around AJ and letting him support them both against the wall. All of a sudden he laughs, past the point of being embarrassed, and presses his forehead to AJ's. "That ... that wasn't bad," he grins, voice low and scratchy.

AJ laughs a little as well, looking very shaken. "Not bad? You're barely coherent."

"So you're a good kisser." Brian extricates himself from AJ and smiles at him, that slow smile Brian only uses when he's being reassuring. "Color me surprised."

AJ shrugs and smiles in return before turning back to the others. He locks gazes with Howie. "Were you watching?" he asks.

"A little bit," Howie admits.

AJ snorts. "Kinky bastard."

"Guys?" Kevin isn't exactly looking at anyone, but he hasn't bolted from the room yet, so at least that's something. "Are we, um, still playing?"

Brian's whole face lights up with a grin, and Howie's officially worried now. "Yeah," he says and returns to his seat. "I've never kissed my algebra teacher," he dares in a sing-song voice, tipping his chair back on the back legs.

AJ scowls. "Fucker. Hand me that shot."


© Mette M. 2005-2009. This story is purely fiction, meaning not true. If any actions in the story are similar to real life experiences, they are pure coincidence. All persons, excluding the Backstreet Boys and occasional real-life based characters, are made up from the author's imagination. I, Mette, do not know the Backstreet Boys, their families and friends or their management.