To Keep
Prompt #23: Lovers


Sometimes Howie just wanted to watch, and they always let him. There was something about AJ and Brian together that was different, more intimate than anything he could ever hope to have with either of them. Sometimes just watching them felt like enough.

He sat on the bed, right next to them. They seemed to fit flawlessly into each other, AJ lying on top of Brian and kissing him with no restraint, no pretence, so open and honest that it baffled Howie he hadn't realized it sooner. Brian wrapped his legs around AJ's waist and arched back slowly, letting out a long breath that seemed to last for minutes.

AJ latched onto Brian's neck, murmuring soft words as he rocked into him, words that didn't make sense - words that Brian answered anyway.

"Brian," AJ whispered, and the name had never sounded so precious. Brian didn't say anything, only tried to breathe evenly as his hands skimmed over AJ's face, touching and caressing with an almost desperate intensity. Brian had always been the most affected when they did this. Before, Howie had always thought it was because he had never done anything like this.

Brian moaned out a soft "oh" when AJ's hips started moving a little faster, and they kissed, long and hard and completely loving. Brian couldn't control his breathing anymore - he was panting and arching back, begging for more without words, and Howie already knew that AJ was utterly, irrevocably lost.

They moved together, beautiful and comfortable, Brian closing his eyes and breathing unevenly at odd intervals. AJ was louder, but then again, he always was in everything he did. Moaning softly, he skimmed wet lips over the base of Brian's throat, up his exposed neck and nibbled at his ear with a little bit of teeth, whispering ragged words that seemed to radiate heat into the room. Brian shivered violently.

Just as suddenly Brian tensed up, and a loud gasp tore from his throat. He closed his eyes and grabbed Howie's hand, squeezing it tight in an attempt to include him in something he so very obviously wasn't a part of.

Howie tried to pretend it didn't hurt.


© Mette M. 2005-2009. This story is purely fiction, meaning not true. If any actions in the story are similar to real life experiences, they are pure coincidence. All persons, excluding the Backstreet Boys and occasional real-life based characters, are made up from the author's imagination. I, Mette, do not know the Backstreet Boys, their families and friends or their management.