Good Morning
Prompt #31: Sunrise
written for the Kissing Challenge.


It's one of those cold mornings where nothing sounds better than staying in bed and listening to the rain drum against the window. AJ's not that lucky, though. He's got places to be.

Hot steam rises from his mug and AJ takes a sip, grimacing at the taste. He'll never be a coffee person.

When he looks up again, he can't help the smile that breaks out across his face. Brian stumbles into the room, scratching his stomach and yawning so wide his jaw might crack. A few strands of hair stick out from the top of his head, and AJ can't help but wonder if he even checked himself in the mirror before leaving his hotel room. The thought of that just makes him grin wider.

Brian looks up, looking momentarily surprised. Then he grins back, eyes crinkled up and dancing, and already there's a feeling of anticipation bubbling in the pit of AJ's stomach. Brian tilts his head in the direction of the door, arching an eyebrow in question. AJ sets down his mug and nods, already on his feet.

They dodge past frustrated crewmen and managers who scream off the top of their lungs. They weave past a couch where Howie is watching Nick pound away furiously on his Gameboy, and through corridors where assistants are running past them to get to their next assignment. They're hardly noticed. AJ couldn't be happier about that.

Brian's jogging ahead of him, checking every open door until finally he looks back at AJ and nods. When AJ steps inside the empty storage room, the excitement has spread to his chest, clenching down tightly.

He closes the door and leans against it, looking around with a calm he doesn't feel. When Brian turns around to look at him, AJ can't help himself; laughter bubbles in his throat and forces its way out and he has to cover his mouth to keep it under control. He must look completely ridiculous. He really doesn't give a shit.

Brian's mouth quirks up in a confused smile as he steps closer. "What?" he demands gently, laughing a little himself.

AJ snortlaughs, the sound muffled through his hand. When he can finally lower it, he's pretty sure his face is red. "Nothin'," he chuckles, relaxing back against the door. "Morning."

Brian's smile is warm. "Morning," he replies, taking a step closer. AJ can smell Brian's deodorant, strong and recently applied. He takes a deep breath, watching Brian's faded t-shirt shift as he moves, and Brian rakes a hand through his already tussled hair. "How'd you sleep?" he asks quietly.

AJ swallows hard as he nods. "Good. You know. Okay." His conversation skills are usually better than this, but Brian has a way of affecting him - especially lately - that makes him feel like his brain cells are evaporating with each second they're around each other.

Brian's close enough now that AJ can feel his breath, fresh from toothpaste, ghost over his face. Even though AJ makes no move to pull back, Brian still looks like he's not sure what to do. "I thought about you," he ventures, smiling sheepishly. "This morning. I mean - you were the first thing I" He trails off into a breathy laugh. "God, do I sound a stupid as I think I do?"

"A little," AJ replies, but his smile takes the sting out of the words. Brian laughs again, startled and happy, and he's so close that AJ can feel it in his own chest. Nervous energy crackles in the tips of his fingers, and he flexes them, resisting the need to reach out just yet.

When Brian looks up at him again, he seems to understand what AJ wants, and his smile fades into just the slightest tug of his lips. He settles one hand on AJ's waist, clothes rustling as he shifts closer, and AJ exhales as slowly as he can. Brian blinks, eyelashes fluttering, and then they're both moving; AJ doesn't have time to correct his aim when Brian tilts his head, and he's completely mortified when he actually ends up placing a clumsy kiss on Brian's nose.

For a moment they both stare at each other with wide eyes; then Brian's mouth twitches, AJ snorts and they're both laughing, Brian burying his face in AJ's neck as AJ's head bonks back against the door. "Okay, that was, um," AJ tries, but Brian almost chokes on his laughter before he can finish. "Shut up. Okay, man, we're - we're trying that again. I'm more smooth than that, dammit."

Brian raises his head back up and he's still laughing, looking like happiness and sunshine, and it's the sappiest fucking thought AJ has ever had in his head, but he can't find it in himself to be bothered by it. "Okay," Brian chuckles, wiping moisture from his eyes. "I'm - I'm totally ready. Do your worst."

AJ rolls his eyes, but when he leans forward this time his lips land right over Brian's, right where they're supposed to. Tiny bursts of laughter are still bubbling from Brian's throat, but he's kissing AJ back slowly, carefully, until the only sound left is their calm breathing.

Soft. That's what goes through AJ's mind every time he kisses Brian. It's soft and hesitant and slightly wet, and it's so perfect - AJ closes his eyes and lets the cold dreary morning, the next few hours of meetings, the prospect of a very tiring day just fade away. It's not important. Brian's breath is warm and his hands are warm against AJ's sides and it takes away the chill AJ's felt all morning. He tilts his head for a better angle, parting his lips slightly, and Brian hums low in his throat as he presses closer.

It's still so new, this whatever this is. AJ still feels hesitant about touching Brian in any way that isn't platonic, and his hands are slightly clammy as they settle on Brian's back, moving carefully upwards. He makes a breathy sound when Brian's hands move lower in response, fingers gracing the hem of his shirt.

Brian breaks the kiss, but only moves an inch back as he murmurs, "Is this - is this okay?" He sounds like he's bracing himself for rejection, and AJ isn't sure when the mood shifted, he just knows that neither of them are nowhere near close to laughing right now.

AJ shifts a fraction, feeling as much as hearing Brian's sharp intake of breath, and wills himself to actually form a response. "Yeah," he replies, and he hadn't mean for it to come out in a whisper, but the air around them is so quiet that anything else feels wrong, somehow. When Brian's hands dip under his shirt and settle against his bare stomach, AJ breathes out hard. He can feel Brian shiver in response and he murmurs something that sounds like "yes" before closing the distance between them again.

Their lips are both wet this time and it makes a slick sound as they slide against each other. Brian's thumbs smooth over AJ's abdomen, getting a feel of his body, and AJ's slowly starting to lose focus. Everything feels so good. He can feel Brian's eyelashes flutter against his cheeks; it's amazing, to be that close to another person, and AJ can't stop himself from moaning ever so softly into Brian's mouth. One of his hands settle on the back of Brian's head, fingers carding through his hair, just trying to get closer. Always trying to get closer.

His free hand move over Brian's shoulder and up his neck, sliding over smooth skin. His fingers linger on Brian's jaw, feeling it move slowly as they open their mouths for each other, the tightening and loosening of the muscles. It's strangely erotic to feel that particular angle of a kiss, and a tentative groan escapes past AJ's lips before he can even process it. Brian's making tiny sounds in the back of his throat, and they sound like he's hurting, so AJ pulls back.

"You okay?" he asks breathlessly, his hand moving down to Brian's shoulder.

Brian just looks at him, his chest moving rapidly as he catches his breath. AJ's breathing hard, too, trying to wait patiently while Brian gets his bearings back. Then, slowly, one of his hands move up until his thumb's running over AJ's lips, Brian watching the motion with slightly unfocused eyes. "Yeah," he rasps, swallowing hard. "I'm good."

AJ doesn't want to move, doesn't want Brian to stop looking at him like he can't quite believe what he's got in front of him. It's only when Brian smiles at him that AJ dares to smile back, shaky though it might be. His heart's pounding in his chest so hard and fast it hurts, but when Brian kisses his nose, soft and light and with a teasing glint in his eyes, AJ relaxes back against the door and just laughs. He doesn't stop until Brian leans in to kiss him so thoroughly that he feels tingles from head to toe.

He knows he's only eighteen and that people laugh at him whenever he talks about love and forever, but right now it's okay. Because he has Brian, who makes him feel like there's sunshine beating down on him in a dusty storage room with no windows.


© Mette M. 2005-2009. This story is purely fiction, meaning not true. If any actions in the story are similar to real life experiences, they are pure coincidence. All persons, excluding the Backstreet Boys and occasional real-life based characters, are made up from the author's imagination. I, Mette, do not know the Backstreet Boys, their families and friends or their management.