I Can Almost Reach You


Melody is a highly successful songwriter, who has already worked with all the famous stars. Everyone wants to work with her because of her incredible talent. But when it comes to looks, she doesn't have much to compete with. When she starts working for the Backstreet Boys, she falls in love with AJ, even though he barely knows she exists and already has a beautiful girlfriend. Will she dare to take on the fight of winning his love?


This story is rated PG-13 for containing use of coarse language and sexual referrences. If you're offended by any of this, I suggest you run along.

Chapter 01 - Forever In Your Arms
Chapter 02 - Pleasure to Meet You
Chapter 03 - Are You Really Happy?
Chapter 04 - Daydreaming
Chapter 05 - Today's the Day
Chapter 06 - Ready to Fight
Chapter 07 - Easily Broken
Chapter 08 - Am I Worthy?
Chapter 09 - When You Smile
Chapter 10 - Tell Me If You Care
Chapter 11 - From A Distance
Chapter 12 - Give Me A Sign
Chapter 13 - Shattered Dreams & Broken Hearts
Chapter 14 - Don't Give Up On Me
Chapter 15 - A Lady?
Chapter 16 - Caught In the Middle
Chapter 17 - Someone To Watch Over Me
Chapter 18 - Coward
Chapter 19 - Misunderstandings
Chapter 20 - Just Have Faith
Chapter 21 - A Dream Come True
Chapter 22 - The Lady in Red
Chapter 23 - Release Me From the Pain
Chapter 24 - Can't Lose What You Never Had
Chapter 25 - You May Be the World
Chapter 26 - My Angel in Disguise
Chapter 27 - Baby, Don't Cry
Chapter 28 - Love Doesn't Ask Why
Chapter 29 - Have I Told You I Love You?
Chapter 30 - More Than You'll Ever Know
Chapter 31 - Letter of Affection
Chapter 32 - In A Time of Need
Chapter 33 - Don't Say You Need Me
Chapter 34 - Maybe Someday...
Author's Note

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Tell Me How to Love You

© Mette M. 2002. This story is purely fiction, meaning not true. If any actions in the story are similar to real life experiences, they are pure coincidence. All persons, excluding the Backstreet Boys and occasional real-life based characters, are made up from the author's imagination. I, Mette, do not know the Backstreet Boys, their families and friends or their management.