Howie had just pushed the curtain aside for the tiny dressing room when hands settled on his hips from behind and he was mostly shoved inside. "What-?" his voice was raising an octave, but then he was forcibly turned around, shoved into the wall mirror and staring wide-eyed at AJ.

"Be quiet," AJ whispered, stepping so close that Howie's breath left him in a rush. "Camera crew's taking a break outside." He leaned close enough for Howie to feel breath ghost over his lips, but in the last second AJ shifted and nuzzled his nose into Howie's cheek. "You look good today," he breathed.

Howie's head tipped back against the mirror. "Customers-" he tried faintly.

"Don't care," AJ murmured, his hand sliding under Howie's shirt and up along his side. Howie heard him swallow, and then AJ shifted again so his forehead was pressed to Howie's and their lips were so close Howie could almost taste the words. "Been wanting to do this since you walked out of your room this morning, god."

Howie's breath hitched, and AJ shifted closer still, parting his lips a little. AJ damn well knew Howie had a thing for manhandling, and Howie thought maybe he should say something, point out that hey, he wasn't that easy thank you very much, but then he was already leaning forward and he knew he would be lying anyway.

He caught AJ's lips with his own, and AJ made an instant sound, a breathless little gasp, and responded so quickly that Howie lost all ability to think. He coaxed Howie's lips apart easily and Howie clung to him, his head knocking back against the mirror when AJ surged forward and kissed him with forceful need.

It was like a switch had been flicked on, and suddenly they were taking deep breaths through their noses and Howie's arms were around AJ's neck, pulling him closer and closer and AJ pushed him up against the mirror so Howie could barely take a breath, but it didn't matter, it really didn't, because AJ's mouth was warm and soft and Howie couldn't stop long enough to care about silly things like oxygen.


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