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"Be quiet!" Brian hushed, his near-whisper shaking with laughter as Nick jostled against his side and tried to keep his own laughter down. The closet was barely big enough to fit them both and Brian was pressed fully up against Nick's back so they wouldn't just tumble right out and get caught.

"Brian!" Johnny yelled from somewhere close by. "Nick! Where the hell are you? Itching powder, huh, how very clever."

"He's coming closer," Nick whispered, his while body shaking now and then he buried his face in the nape of Brian's neck and snickered.

"Shh, he's coming," Brian whispered in return, pressing himself even further back. Nick's arms came around him automatically, supporting his weight, and Nick bit lightly into Brian's neck to keep his laughter down.

A sudden flash went through Brian's head.

All he could hear were the footsteps outside and their joined, slightly frantic breathing. There was a small strip of light escaping through the closet doors and Brian blinked rapidly. Nick's body was warm against his back, flushed from the adrenaline, and his forehead was pressed to the back of Brian's head. His breaths matched Brian's now.

"I think-" Brian's voice was thick, and he swallowed before continuing. "I think he's gone now."

He was set to move when Nick's arms around him tightened almost imperceptively. "Not yet," Nick whispered in Brian's ear, and Brian couldn't do anything but stay still.


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