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Reviewer: Kei
Note: used for judging the 'Best Site' category.

Hello Mette, first off congrats on winning this category of Pretty Lies. I'm your judge for Best Site, Kei, and this is pretty much a feedback form for *you*. We were encouraged to do a little write up for the winners and, well, what would be the point of judging if the judges didn't bother giving opinions? =)

Presentation: 19/20
First off, I love your layouts. They're always very well put together with lovely graphics and a nice strong sense of color to give them unity (that's the pleased artist in me talking). I originally looked at the site in its AJ layout but got a nice dose of Howie when I visited again for some last minute decisions so I've been impressed twice. I also like how every major story has its own layout and page. Nice touch.

The only thing I didn't really like was how your navigation was set up in the new layout, with the numbers on the side in descending order. Having 01 (your fiction) at the bottom seemed out of place but that's just a personal observation.

Content: 29/30
Okay, okay, I've been reading your fiction for a long time now so I know how good it is. This was sorta a gimme. This section pushed you ahead of the other sites though mostly because, while everyone pretty much has nice layouts and interesting extras, your site has stories that make me bookmark it and come back. 'If Tears Were Pennies' is an awesome series and I've quickly become addicted to 'We're a Couple Now?' (ask Em how much I bug her about it being updated!)

Interaction: 14/15
Aside from maybe having your email and/or update list on the main page (and that's just another personal opinion), you're pretty into interacting with your readers without any help. I found the Guestbook and 'Contact Me' pages easily enough- as well as feedback pleas- so you're definitely a presence with your readers. I love the 'Reader Surveys', that's a very creative interactive touch.

Overall: 34/35
Umm, not much else to say I guess. Lovely site, and I am equally impressed by some of your other sites. Thank you for writing and posting and for being an active member in the BSB community. Good luck and congrats again!

Extra: +1
Extra point for the surveys and Fanfiction Quiz. I don't know why, but I've decided they're very neat. =)

Score: 97/105

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