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Site: Eye of the Beholder
Reviewer: HoL

First Impression 9/10
Beautiful. I love the all the different colors and you did such a great job making them work and making the text readable and everything. I'm not a big Shakespeare fan, but okay. lol ;)

Color Coordination 10/10
Didn't I just go over how I liked that? ;) The colors rock.

Organization 14/15
It obviously looks like a lot of work and time went into it. Either that or someone's just got the mad skillz. lol The text area is in a nice area with a background that really is in the back so that you can see the text. The picture and the title are also well placed.

Originality 13/15
It's pretty original. I like the blending of effects with the colorful background. I've seen stuff like it before, but not QUITE like it. The picture's been used a lot, but dang, it's a good pic and it's hard since there's not a lot of newer ones floating around right now.

Profesionality 13/15
Lovely. You really know how to use your graphics program which is always very important. You're obviously quite comfortable with it.

Guestbook/Link 5/5

I don't think I need to say anything here. ;)

Overall Impression 19/20
Yay! I could definately stare at it for a while. Hehe.

Score: 83/90

Site: Eye of the Beholder
Reviewer: Aceetha

First Impression 9/10
Holy crap! I am in love with this layout! The coloring gives it a slightly dark an dank feeling, which I think goes with the picture used. It also makes Nick's eyes stand out even more!

Color Coordination 8/10
The colors are perfect for the layout. The all look like they have been placed where they are for a reason. And they don't disrupt the text, even though they easily could had you not been careful.

Organization 13/15
Everything in this layout seems to have been carefully placed where it is. The picture and text all fit perfectly where they have been placed, and the layout looks neat and organized.

Originality 13/15
Though I have seen similar layouts out there before, I cannot remember ever seeing one quite like this, nor this good. The effect with Nick's eyes has been used before of course, but never with this much success. Had I not known better I would have thought that nothing had been done with his eyes. Great job!

Profesionality 12/15
This one definitely looks professional. The effects, the colors, everything looks like it was made by a pro.

Guestbook/Link 5/5
Five for you hon!

Overall Impression 17/20
I loved it! Nothing else to say really, except YOU ROCK!

Score: 77/90

TOTAL SCORE : 160/180

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