Date: 01.27.04
Site: Yours-Completely.Org
Reviewed by: Emily
Score: 89/100

Splash: 5/5
Everything is where it should be. I like how you have little sayings to introducing things such as your splash. I like how your image shows some of the layout, and if they want to see the full thing, they have to enter the site. Itís simple, but very clever. :D

Layout: 15/20
Blue is my favorite color, and I love the different hues that youíve used for this layout. I love how your main image just fades into the background. Iím not so sure about the tables for the content, but it was a creative move, you donít really see plain tables anymore, theyíre usually in an iframe.

Presentation: 15/15
Your site is extremely well presented. Your layout loads fast and is not too complex. I tend to favor more simple layouts especially for fan fiction sites because you want people to focus on your stories, not your layout. I couldnít find any broken links and I absolutely loved the effect you used to show the statís of your stories. Thatís creative, and neat, and it makes it more fun. Navigation is very easy and accommodating. Props to you! :D

Site Title: 5/5
Can I just say that I absolutely love your domain name? Itís just soÖpromising. Nowadays people are hopeless romantics, and this name just screams ĎIím gonna love you foreverí. :D

Content: 20/20
In order for a fan fiction site to be good, it needs a lot of stories. Itís evident that youíve been writing for a long time because you have a lot of stories. You even have hosted stories! Fan fiction sites can never have enough stories, because people always want more. You even have visitor content! Not many fan fiction sites have visitor content because the site is based around the stories, but you have tests and quizzes, and thatís awesome!

Organization: 8/10
Your site is very organized. There were a few tiny things I had problems with though. Your main page, that has a link to the updates page, itís not really necessary because youíre site is so well presented anyways. I liked how you organized the stories, but sometimes it can get a little cluttered.

Originality: 13/15
Yes, itís a fan fiction site and they just seem to be flourishing right now. The links that a fan fiction site needs are there, and then with a little extra.

Link Back: 5/5
Found it easily!

Bonus: 3/5
You have an amazing talent. I was looking through some of your stories, and I ended up reading the whole entire thing! Youíre an amazing writer and Iím glad you made this site to showcase them.

Last Comments
 Iím not telling you to change anything on this site. I made suggestions but that does not mean in anyway that you have to accommodate to them. Itís your site and Iím just to give you some help. I do like the way you have your stories categorized, I think itís a great idea, but just watch out for it because it does seem like it can get cluttered. Your tables idea for the content was nice too, it seems like it hasnít been seen a lot lately, but it seems a little too out of place for this layout. But youíre doing an amazing job, definitely keep it up!

Total Score: 89/100

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